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Tyler Lee Burlage is an accomplished entrepreneur with many professional and personal achievements. He has successfully grown startups, pursued his passion for helping others, and enjoys engaging in various outdoor hobbies. Burlage said his family, friends, and business contacts have been instrumental in his success.

Burlage currently resides in Dyersville, IA, where he serves as the Vice President of Sales for AssuredPartners, one of the leading insurance brokers in the United States. Burlage enjoys spending time outdoors, boating, golfing and taking on new projects when he is not working or tinkering with his sports car.

Born in 1984 in Platteville, WI, Burlage spent most of his childhood in Wisconsin and Iowa, with brief stays in Colorado and Nevada. During his time in Colorado, he fell in love with downhill skiing, which remains a favorite hobby of his to this day. In high school, Burlage worked various jobs aligned with his interests, picking up valuable life skills and making friends. His love for cars led him to work at a car dealership during high school and eventually at a ski resort in the winter. After graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in Business, Burlage purchased a home and began renovating it with plans to live in it post-graduation.

Eventually, Burlage moved to North Carolina to work for a financial consulting firm. However, he realized that having his family and friends close by meant more to him than pressing forward in the corporate world. In 2012, Burlage partnered in a family-owned venture and launched his own real estate development company, getting his feet wet as an entrepreneur for the first time.

As the insurance business grew, Tyler Burlage started to invest outside of insurance and real estate to diversify his portfolio. Throughout his varied career, Burlage has maintained his passion for hard work, taking pride in a job well done and following a job through to its completion.

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