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Tyler Lee Burlage is a long-time entrepreneur that has reached countless personal and professional objectives, from successfully growing startups to pursuing a passion for helping others and spending free time keeping busy with various outdoor hobbies. Burlage frequently acknowledges that family members, friends, and contacts he made along his career were major influences in his life and played a pivotal role in all of his accomplishments.

At the present, Burlage lives in Dyersville, IA, and focuses on his role as the Vice President of Sales for an AssuredPartners firm, one of the leading insurance brokers in the United States. When he’s not working or tinkering with his sportscar, the laidback Iowa business owner likes to relax by spending time outdoors boating, golfing, and finding projects to keep busy with.


Early Life and Travels:


Tyler Burlage was born in 1984 to in the city of Platteville, WI, located about 20 miles from Dubuque, IA. This city of around 10,000 is also home to the University of Wisconsin. It has a pleasant small-town feel and boasts many hiking trails, parks, and amazing views of the nearby Mississippi River.

Burlage’s family moved around the United States several times when he was still young. Burlage spent a majority of his childhood years in Wisconsin and Iowa, however, did live briefly in Colorado and Nevada. During his time in Colorado, the adventurous youth fell in love with downhill skiing, a sport he enjoys to this day.

When he was 12, Tyler moved to Iowa, where he was able to assist his father with their family farm. It was at the family farm that Tyler Lee Burlage discovered his passion for hard work, taking pride in a job well done and making sure to follow a job up until its final completion. During Tyler’s childhood, he enjoyed playing numerous sports, helping on the family farm, and spending quality time with friends in a small rural town near the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, IA.


Varied Career:


It’s easy to see Burlage’s adventuresome, curious spirit in the way his career branched out over the years. In high school, the teen worked at several jobs that aligned with his interests, picking up valuable life skills and making friends along the way. Tyler’s love for cars led him to working at a car dealership during high school and eventually working at a ski resort in the winter.

In college, Tyler Burlage majored in Business at the University of Iowa. Before graduating, Tyler purchased a home and began renovating it in plans to live in it post graduation. Upon completion of the project and with several years of experience in sales and commercial insurance, Tyler decided it was time to forge a new path. He moved to North Carolina and worked for a financial consulting firm. However, eventually realized having his family and friends close by meant more to him than pressing forward in the corporate world.

One thing that Burlage learned from his parents is that family always comes first. So, when an opportunity came up in 2012 to partner in a family-owned venture, he jumped at the chance. At the same time, Burlage launched a real estate development company of his own, getting his feet wet as an entrepreneur for the first time. As the insurance business grew and additional business opportunities presented themselves, Tyler started to invest outside of insurance and real estate to diversify his portfolio.


Extensive Entrepreneurial Experience:


Fast-forward 10 years, and Tyler Lee Burlage has become a successful businessman with a proven track record of investment and development. He owns profitable businesses in a variety of industries:

Real estate


Commercial Finance

Commercial Insurance

Equipment Leasing

The professional accomplishments that make him most proud revolve around supporting, inspiring, and growing companies, especially family-owned businesses:

Insurance: Burlage helped grow the business from a modest firm to an industry powerhouse, eventually helping leading the family firm to partnering with one of the fastest growing insurance conglomerates in the world.

Transportation: As a business partner, Tyler Burlage helped the firm grow ten fold in a two year span through financing and networking opportunities.

AssuredPartners: As Vice President of Sales, Burlage assisted the Peoples Insurance Agency win Agency of the Year from AssuredPartners, taking the #1 spot out of 200+ agencies worldwide.

Consulting: Over the years, Burlage has become a respected insurance expert with extensive experience in risk mitigation, underwriting, captive insurance, along with real estate investment, transportation, restaurants, hospitality, and commercial finance.




The Burlage family always believed in being a responsible and valued member of their community while also taking time to enjoy time with those you care about, and Tyler is no exception. When he’s not interacting with insurance clients or making important business decisions, the entrepreneur likes to enjoy the outdoors.

Tyler Lee Burlage has a special fondness for downhill skiing. When winter rolls around, he enjoys traveling to enjoy powdery snow and stunning vistas. The rest of the year, he spends his downtime with family and friends:



Going for Rides in His Can Am

Driving down the open road

It’s not the activities themselves that Burlage loves most, but the opportunity to relax and spend time with friends from all areas of the world. The friendly, empathetic demeanor, along with his relentless ambition, contributes to many of his business and life successes.


The Future:


Burlage often mentions his desire to encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs. Tyler does his best to support local events and charities as much as possible. Just like his community, family, and friends have supported him, Tyler Burlage hopes to help the next generations understand their potential in life.

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